Full Cap Wig for Women

Superhairpieces has a wide range of top quality full cap wigs for both our salon and retail clients to choose from. Our custom made full cap human hair wigs are ideal not only for women dealing with major hair loss (such as female pattern baldness, androgenic alopecia, chemotherapy and trichotillomania), but also looking to mix things up and change their looks. With the options we have that provide a natural look in addition to comfort, we have no doubt there’s wig styles like a full lace wig and lace front wig that is perfect for you.

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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

The current average wait time is anywhere from 4-6 months – it all depends on the type of hairpiece your order.

The good news is that we provide a RUSH service where we will ensure your hairpiece gets delivered within three months of your purchase order. It’s a $40 charge to guarantee a 3-month delivery – if you don’t receive your order within the three months, you will receive a refund of $40.

Custom made human hair wigs are a great option for those who prefer a customized and unique wig tailored to their needs from start to finish! With a custom order, you can customize the following to get the highest quality and natural looking wig that you desire:

  • Hair color - Select the hair color of your choice for your wig.
  • Hair density - If you prefer more volume or hair coverage on your head, you can select a higher hair density as per your needs.
  • Hair length - Whether you prefer shorter or longer hair, you can select your desired length with a custom order.
  • Hair type - Do you prefer Indian human or Chinese human hair? Or Yaki human hair? Now you can pick the hair type best suited for you.
  • Hair style - If you require the hair to be styled in a certain way, you have the option of doing that as well.
  • Wig size - Have a smaller-sized head? Or a particularly large one? You can select the size that fits you best while you can also mail in a template or specifically list the length.
  • Base skin tone - Your base will need to match your skin tone so that your wig looks even more natural on you.